Lush Beauty carries a wide range of beauty products including face & body care, hand and nail care. We specialise in Dermalogica and Thalgo and carry an extensive range in both.


Dermalogica is the skin care system researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute. Known worldwide as the "professionals' choice," Dermalogica is founded on the belief that good skin care is not about pampering or luxury...any more than brushing your teeth or washing your hair is!
Dermalogica believes that consumers want results; they don’t want frilly packaging or overblown hype. And consumers and leading skin care professionals in over 40 countries use the range as a result.
THE FOUNDERS. Dermalogica's story begins in 1986, when the founders of The International Dermal Institute (the postgraduate training facility for skin care professionals) decided to do something about the serious lack of results-driven products on the market.
Researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica shocked the market by refusing to use artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, S.D. alcohol, lanolin or mineral oil – all of which were industry favorites due to their low cost, despite links to numerous skin problems that were well understood. They also went a step further, insisting that all Dermalogica skin care professionals had to meet the highest level of training and expertise, ensuring that consumers could get reliable consultations about their skin concerns without falling prey to the hype and faddism that dominates the skin care industry.
Dermalogica's commitment to professional skin care continues today with its no-nonsense packaging, emphasis on skin care education and dedication to formulating products that deliver results, not ridiculous claims.


Thalgo offers a comprehensive range of professional salon treatments for face, body, aroma-phycology, hydrotherapy, sun care and post-depilatory.
Thalgo is at the forefront of international spa therapy with over 40 years experience in sea-based skin treatment products. Since its creation in 1968, Thalgo has become a worldwide recognised brand with cosmetic research and formulation of Marine Algae and plant based cosmetics beginning as early as 1964. The Marine Algae powder - awarded both a medical and process patent - gave outstanding results in the treatment of conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and skin disorders, and its success inspired the Thalgo team to branch into the cosmetology field.
THALGO: THE SOURCE. Thalgo treatments draw their richness and efficiency from the marine universe. The scientific team have harnessed the powerful riches of the sea for aesthetic use. Algae are the base of Thalgo marine care; their active potential is immense. For example, one alga contains a thousand times more iodine, one hundred times more calcium and ten times more magnesium and copper than a terrestrial plant.
Due to a unique patented manufacturing procedure, the cells of the Thalgo marine algae are literally exploded to liberate their active ingredients. The fineness of the powder obtained assures remarkable penetration for use within the Thalgo treatment programmes, now used extensively in Spas and Thalassotherapy centres worldwide.
THALGO: NEW DISCOVERIES. In 1999, Jean Claude Sirop took over the direction of Thalgo with the ambition to make the brand the uncontested reference in the world of Marine Therapy. Further research heralded the discovery of new algae strains with powerful rebalancing, protecting, nourishing and anti-wrinkle properties.
Another innovation and award-winning product launched in early 2002 was Serum d'Exception, a unique serum incorporating a world premier ingredient "Natural Marine Algae Hormones". In tests, Serum d'Exception proved to preserve hyaluronic acid (moisture), stop the deterioration of the skin's structural support fibres, nourish the skin and re-energise the fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin.
Also launched in 2002 was the Impeccable Purity cleansing line using a unique new algae called Criste Marine.
The range is only available through professional Beauty Therapists and no products are tested on animals.

Mancine Cosmetics

Love your Body
Mancine Cosmetics began as a small family business in Melbourne, Australia in 1965 with a quest for excellence in the beauty industry.
Forty years later Mancine has grown to become one of the world’s leading body care brands with a reputation for excellence and innovation.
Today’s ever-expanding Mancine range of proven body care formulations provide men and women of all ages with superior treatments to guarantee they look good and feel great.
All Mancine products are salon tested to be perfectly safe and effective. Mancine believe in organics, natural products and environment friendly practices.
No Mancine Product is tested on animals.