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    Linda Meredith Amazon. A beautiful, luxurious balm that helps to repair the skin’s natural barrier, adding both softness and smoothness. Amazon contains a host of powerful anti-oxidants (ten times higher than those of red grapes), and actively supports the skin’s natural defences. It also acts as an incredible anti-inflammatory balm, soothing dry, or irritated skin. Amazon contains no fragrance additives~; its natural scent, partly derived from the anti-oxidant andiroba bean, is of caramel. A truly stunning product you have to experience to believe.” Amazon feels like the spa visit you won’t have time for, in a jar” – DAILY MAIL.

    How to Use:

    1. Amazon may require softening between the fingertips before application. Pay particular attention to damaged areas such as fine lines and scar tissue left after breakouts.
    2. Amazon is also useful when applied directly after a skin irritation, such as sunburn.


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