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    Hydrating Gel

    Hydrating Gel


    Linda Meredith Hydrating Gel. A ‘smart gel’ that will revolutionise the way you clean your skin. There are many products used to exfoliate the skin, but none that also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This intelligent, double-action peeling gel does both, and actually lets you know how much of it to use. Citrus oils will brighten the skin leaving a refreshing tingling sensation, and a glowing and radiant complexion.”I swear by Linda Meredith Gommage, a gel peel that moisturises and plumps my skin”- KELLY BROOK, Actress & Model.

    How to Use:

    1. Apply a first layer, and if this completely absorbs, re-apply as many layers as your skin needs until a layer remains on the surface.
    2. Building up the layers will plump the skin and help to loosen dirt and sebum.
    3. When the gel begins to dry, gently peel off with your fingers.
    4. If the gel completely dries, a dry face cloth will remove the excess product.


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